September 4, 2018

HGV Service

HGV Service - Mobile Commercial Truck/Trailer, Lorry & Horsebox Servicing

Keep your commercial vehicles on the road.

With over 30 years’ experience in HGV Servicing and Repairs, our expert mobile truck service mechanics provide a competitive, professional service that keeps your commercial vehicles on the road.

Our mobile service department undertake all truck repair work and scheduled servicing for a HGV vehicles whether you require a commercial truck service, a horsebox service, a motor home service or you are a single owner-driver of a heavy goods vehicle.  Best of all, we come to you at a time that is convenient to you and your business.

DVSA MOT Preparation

We prepare HGV vehicles for their annual DVSA MOT and our current 100% pass rate is something we are very proud of! We have an honest and proactive approach to preventative maintenance, ensuring that your vehicle has less breakdowns and shorter periods where your vehicles are out-of-service, meaning your vehicles spend more time on the road earning money.

Legal Requirements

As a fleet operator or HGV Service Manager, you are legally required to maintain your vehicles, ensuring they are roadworthy at all times.  You are also required to product maintenance records that are compliant and intact. We ensure that these records are available at all times.

Horsebox Service

If you require a horse box service and you are a private owner, you are not required by law to product maintenance records however the last thing you want is to have a breakdown with the horse onboard.  Regular preventative maintenance on your horsebox is highly recommended, especially as horseboxes are often parked in a rural environment leading to excessive corrosion and the odd ‘house guest’ making a nest in your wiring loom!

Full Service & Repair Services

Our HGV Technicians offer the following mobile truck & trailer services:

  • PMI Safety Inspections
  • On-Site MOT Servicing
  • On-Site Trailer Repairs
  • On-Site General Mechanical Repairs
  • Tachographs
  • MOT Preparation and Presentation
  • Fleet Management
  • Records Management

Prices from £40 per hour

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