September 4, 2018

HGV Safety Inspections

DVSA Safety Inspection:

Regular HGV vehicle inspections are a legal requirement for all HGV vehicles or trailers, alongside a record of the full safety inspection report.  This ensure that HGV vehicles are maintained to a full roadworthy condition at all times.

A well maintained and reliable fleet will ensure that your Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS) are always green.

Best Practice:

Regular HGV Safety Inspections are essential to effective roadworthiness maintenance and it is important not to rely on a maintenance system alone, as this does not prove true roadworthiness of your vehicle.  It is important to have your vehicle checked, even outside on the normal inspection schedule if the vehicle has been worked hard.

The following important points help you review your current maintenance plan:

  • Daily walk-around checks at the start of every journey
  • Conduct a safety check on any new vehicles or vehicles that have been off the road for an extended period
  • Provide a mechanism for driver to report faults promptly and ensure that the faults are checked.
  • Defect reports should be recorded against any remedial work with the reports retained for a minimum of 15 months.
  • Safety inspection reports must be retained for a minimum of 15 months and must include:
    • Name of owner/operator
    • Inspection Date
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Odometer (mileage) reading
    • List of all the items to be inspected
    • Condition of any inspected item
    • Details of any reported defects
    • Name of inspector
    • Remedial work and who carried it out
    • Statement that any defects have been repaired satisfactorily.
  • Safety Inspection should only be carried out by competent/trained personnel
  • Unroadworthy vehicles must be taken out of service immediately
  • Operators are wholly responsible for the condition of vehicles and trailers

Roadworthiness Inspections:

Roadworthiness Inspection of your vehicles requires two levels of checks, these are:

  • Daily Walk-around Checks
  • Regular Safety Inspections by fully qualified agents

Inspections are not a vehicle service, they are a dedicated safety operations.  Any defects noted in the inspection should be immediately remedied, this can take place as part of a regular service schedule.

For the latest information please refer to the latest DVSA Roadworthiness Guide

Pre-Purchase & End of Lease HGV Inspections:

Having a full safety hgv inspection before buying a commercial vehicle is a very wise, and potentially, money-saving strategy.

We provide a full inspection report as if we were carrying out a full DVSA Safety Inspection.

Walk-around Checks:

Checks should be made on the external condition of the following items:

  • Lights
  • Tyres
  • Wheel fixings
  • Bodywork
  • Trailer coupling
  • Load
  • Ancillary equipment

Safety Inspection / Pre-Purchase Checks:

Each of these checks are included in our comprehensive inspection:

  • Cab Interior
  • Lights, Markings , Reflectors and Bulbs
  • Cab Exterior
  • Under Vehicle – Chassis, Tyres, Exhaust, Suspension, Engine & Transmission and Brakes
  • Mandatory Service Checks – Oils and Fluid Levels
  • Any additional fitted items


All inspections from £100 – additional mileage charges may apply.

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